We are glad to see people willing to help make this community better.

Anyone who is a free software enthusiast can join our community. However, it would be better if you could use GNU/Linux reasonably well or have a good understanding of the free software philosophy.

You do NOT have to be a tech expert in order to join FSFans. Also, using 100% free software is NOT a must for a member of our community.

As a part of the community, however, you should follow our Community Rules.


Members of FSFans actively chat on the following platforms, all of which are bridged together:

How to join

Currently, our community is invite-only. In order to join our community, you'll need to either be invited by one of our members, or applying to be a member.

If you can't find anyone to invite you in, you can apply for a membership by shooting us an email to goodspeed AT fsfans PERIOD club, introducing yourself and agreeing to follow our Community Rules.


Unfortunately, you can't find FSFans anywhere else. All the official ways we communicate are listed above.

Members of FSFans might chat with each other on other platforms, but those platforms do not represent the official FSFans community.

Please note that we will especially NOT use QQ or WeChat which don't respect user freedom and privacy. A Telegram group is not considered; Matrix makes it unnecessary.