Mumble is a voice over IP (VoIP) application primarily designed for use by gamers and is similar to programs such as TeamSpeak. We currently have one server running mumble and they are not connected together. Everyone is welcomed to join the mumble server without registration.

You may face a very high packet loss connecting one of the servers. This is typically caused by UDP. In that case, you need to go to the settings of your client and toggle `force TCP mode' or something similar.

The server is our central server whose IP is The server is located in Hong Kong.


OpenRA is an open-source remake and re-implementation of several Command & Conquer real-time strategy games by Westwood Studios. in. Our server can be joined directly in the OpenRA server list. We currently only run Red Alert mod.

We only have one server located in Shanghai. The IP is


Xonotic is an addictive arena-style first person shooter with crisp movement and a wide array of weapons. It combines intuitive mechanics with in-your-face action to elevate your heart rate. Xonotic will always be free to play and modify under the copyleft GPLv3+ license.

Because all of our servers are using vCore so we self-host this server. The server can be joined on the server list or direct connect to


ZNC is an IRC network bouncer or BNC. It can detach the client from the actual IRC server, and also from selected channels. Multiple clients from different locations can connect to a single ZNC account simultaneously and therefore appear under the same nickname on IRC. This is especially useful if you're having trouble connecting to or such.

Our sever is hosted on the central server ( You can login to the ZNC webadmin at Or you can connect to ZNC using IRC, the port of which are 6667(Plain) and 6697(TLS, self-signed).

Before using this server, you are required to contact the server admin William Goodspeed for registration.


A pastebin or text storage site is a type of online content-hosting service where users can store plain text e.g. source code snippets for code review via Internet Relay Chat. The first pastebin was the eponymous

We host a public PrivateBin server, the url of which is